Search problems hindering the removal of the site in the search:

  • Analysis Title, page meta-tags;

  • Site structure evaluation;

  • Analysis of the content published on the site - its quality, informative, uniqueness.

  • Evaluation of the semantic core of competitors;

  • Rank backlinks;

  • Analyze the correctness of snippets;

  • Identification of other errors

SEO-audit - the advantages for a customer:

  • Full instructions for optimization - the customer gets ready recommendations for removal of identified errors.

  • The increase of visitors from the search - the correction of errors found in the audit process, will enhance the position of the site in search engine rankings for low-frequency and midrange keywords that immediately affect on the growth of site traffic.

  • Improving the position of the site - removing internal and external error, it will be easier to promote the site at high frequency keywords.

Book a full SEO-audit of the site today, and within five days, you will be given detailed instructions for effective website optimization.

What is included in the report?

Factors that are important for search engines:

1. Analysis of proper indexing:

  • Mirrors setting evaluation;

  • Finding duplicate pages that fall under the review of the search engine robots;

  • Validation html-page headlines;

  • Guidelines for the preparation of the robots.txt and xml-map;

  • Speed test, the volume of loading pages and other.

2. Evaluation of site structure:

  • Analysis of navigation, taking into account the requirements of search engine robots;

  • Analysis URL pages on the structure;

3. Evaluation Title, meta-tags:

  • Preparation of title, keywords, description of main and other pages on the site;

  • Guidelines for the preparation of meta tags for the remaining pages.

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