If you have some experience in the promotion of sites you know you can cope with many challenges, but have no idea exactly how best to advance a specific project quickly and efficiently. For you, we offer the service - development strategies of website promotion.

This is a detailed manual on the implementation of action for external, internal optimization, aimed at rapid implementation of marketing tasks:

  • Increase in attendance;

  • Website promotion to TOP 10 search engines for your desired keywords;

  • Doubling conversion etc.

What is included in the report on the preparation of the strategy?

Common reports include:

  • The preparation of a full semantic with distribution of keywords on the pages;

  • A complete list of recommended technical-based optimization, SEO – optimized code, improving navigation, structure of pages, etc.;

  • The user to improve the convenience of the site for maximum conversion;

  • Preparation of list of actions to conduct internal optimization – best practices for writing optimized content, title, description;

  • Guidelines for linking pages;

  • Preparation of a plan for increasing your website's conversion rate to improve sales, improving user conditions;

  • The formation of a plan for gradual increase of the reference mass.

Also, the report may contain additional items for the preparation of a promotion strategy. Their number depends on the budget, requirements and goals of the customer. The cost of the service depends on the complexity of the tasks set by the client.

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