Please contact us if you have usability problems, or you begin to notice such errors in their work as:

  • The traffic is growing without growth of sales;

  • Visitors are not progressing according to the structure of the site, and just browsing the first page;

  • The main proportion of users leave the site after a few seconds after the page is displayed;

  • Regularly receives questions about how to find the necessary information.

Our company will conduct a full assessment of the site taking into account the perspective of visitors and potential customers and prepare a detailed report on existing problems and methods of their elimination.

The cost of the audit depends on the volume of works, their complexity and ranges from $ 500 . The terms of the order five working days.

A report evaluating usability include:

  • Analysis of the needs of target visitors;

  • Analysis of the target pages;

  • Analysis of the perception of visitors when interacting with the website

  • Evaluation of the navigation paths on the site with a detailed description of the weak areas;

  • Instructions for improving usability.

Usability evaluation is performed with the involvement of focus groups, taking into account expert opinions. Description of the detected errors is provided with screenshots for visual display weaknesses.

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