Calculator PPC advertising effectiveness

Your budget: $
Competitiveness of topic:
The price per click depends on the competitiveness topic.

~ $1.5/click:

  • services of a psychologist
  • auto products (oils, shampoos, etc.)
  • heaters
  • furniture accessories
  • building materials

~ $4/click:

  • childen's goods
  • appliances
  • mobile phones and accessories
  • furniture
  • cosmetology
  • tires
  • perfumery, cosmetics
  • clothes
  • Taxi
  • trucking

~ $10/click:

  • water delivery
  • food delivery
  • stomatology
  • real estate (rent / sale)
  • laser surgery
  • laser Hair Removal
  • Foreign language courses
  • doors, windows
  • design
  • drilling of the wells
  • legal services

~ $20/click:

  • cleaning
  • drug addiction treatment
  • promotion of web sites
  • flights
Average earnings with a sale::
It is necessary to specify precisely earnings, rather than the value of goods or services.
Number of clicks on the site:
Expected number of visitors with PPC advertising at full budget has been spent.
The conversion of visitors into buyers:
Conversion rate is calculated as the ratio of bought goods to the number of site visitors. Typically, the conversion rate ranges from 0.5% to 2%, depending on the site, the cost of goods and many other factors.
Number of attracted buyers: 4
Advertising revenue:
This refers to the total income from products sold via PPC advertising
Net income from advertising:
Revenue minus cost of PPC advertising.
Return on Investment:
The ratio of net income to the budget spent in an advertising campaign.

As a result, investing $500, while average earnings $500 with one sale you recoup and get $1500.00 net profit on top. That is, the margin of 300.00%. With this you get 333 targeted visitors that will convert into 4 sales in the conversion of 1.2%.