Website promotion by positions

Do you want to promote your site to the specific search queries?

Would you like to see your website on the first lines of search results?

Promotion of the positions are actively used to improve and enhance the effectiveness of websites. The advantage of this method is rapid results and visibility - customer can immediately see how successful were the work to promote the site.

First of all, our staff will evaluate the website and the possibility of using this technique in your case. The next step, we perform an analysis of competitiveness of the site, the possibility of its successful promotion among websites of identical subjects.

If optimization of the positions is permitted, our experts will begin to the immediate promotion. Website promotion will be carried out under the keywords selected by our company.

During the promotion performs the following activities:

  • Site Evaluation. We have qualified engineers who can quickly analyze the statistics of keywords;

  • Revealing mistakes that hinder the promotion and adoption of best actions to get rid of them;

  • Work on the improvement of the site, its structure, content, informative, uniqueness;

  • Increase reference weight - with optimization for keywords have performed for complex, not included in the sanctions of search engines, the methods by building inbound links;

  • Working with commercial factors.

Promotion of the positions may take 5-10 months. By signing the contract with the customer, we devote to the promotion of the site at least five months. In some cases it is possible to reduce the time to a minimum. If the site promotion requires additional activities, time limits may be increased, as we inform the customer beforehand.

Period of promotion depends on: competition, site parameters, search engine algorithms. Actual terms of website promotion on the first page of search results may be very different. Some sites on specific keywords can reach the top for a couple of weeks. Other sites require a lot of work for several years.

We are critical, demanding attitude to the execution of each order, and pay special attention to the promotion of the positions. This work our specialists studied perfectly.

To the results of cooperation with our company do not have to wait, we recommend:

  • You should work closely with our experts - each step requires your agreement and approval. Our staff coordinate with clients every request, prepared a text proposal for changing the structure of the site;

  • Trust us and our actions. Promotion on keywords - a professional service offered by our company, and we perfectly know our business.

Our company will keep you informed of any changes, the innovations of the search engines, and will do everything to your site took first place in the search results.

Site Promotion Traffic

Web site promotion traffic implies payment for each visitor that came to the site from search.

The method is best suited for the promotion:

  • online stores;

  • information portals;

  • large sites with a significant number of pages.

Promotion by traffic - an effective tool, allowing you to quickly advance large sites and provide the customer with full guarantee of success in the process.

Advantages of the method:

  • Payment for the result - only the target flow of clients coming from the search;

  • Substantial reach of keywords and audience;

  • The low cost of the transition, which distinguishes the method of PPC advertising;

  • A high percentage of conversion of visitors, and thus increases the growth of target customers;

  • No hidden fees;

  • The constant growth.


Promotion by traffic demand from the customer $ 500 per month. On average, one transition costs 3-12 cents.

How does the promotion:

  • experts analyze the site occupied a niche;

  • specifies operating conditions, stop words;

  • executed contract;

  • performed a full SEO-audit of a site;

  • formed semantic core;

  • prepared instructions for the internal optimization;

  • get search engine traffic.

To calculate search engine traffic, our company uses Google Analytics system. We also keep a record of the history of the transition.

High traffic - high incomes

Promotion by traffic - hard work, which should be carried out continuously. Only through continuous work on the site with the best SEO experts, you can expect a perfect result, the rapid growth of the target audience and sales.

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